Our partners

J.C. Flowers & Co., LLC

LUNIS Vermögensmanagement AG was originated in May 2017 by Andreas Brandt and partners in strategic cooperation with J. C. Flowers.

J.C. Flowers & Co., LLC is one of the world's most renowned private equity firms. Founded in 1998, the company is now invested with more than US $15 billion in 47 companies and 17 countries worldwide. These businesses include industries such as banking, insurance, reinsurance, securities services, specialty finance, and asset management. J. C. Flowers maintains approximately US $6 billion in managed assets at its offices in New York and London.

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Custodian banks

UBS Europe SE

This leading international financial institution is a strong partner for LUNIS. After a transition period our clients will have access to the UBS Group's global investment platform. As a result, they will benefit from the latest e-banking technologies for the management and custody of their securities.

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Bankhaus Berenberg of Hamburg is LUNIS Vermögensmanagement's other custodian bank. Founded in 1590, it is Germany's oldest private bank. Bankhaus Berenberg of Hamburg applies a longstanding commitment to hanseatic values to all its global operations.

www.berenberg.de >