Analysis & Research

The road to success

We've made it our mission to offer discerning clients a holistic and truly independent wealth management service. The basis for this is:

Comprehensive asset analysis

In accordance with our consultative approach, we consider all aspects of your liquid assets, non-bankable assets, legal and tax implications, pension issues, as well as your property and inheritance situation. To better understand your wishes and needs, we listen carefully and ask pertinent questions, some of which include:

  • What are your personal return goals?
  • What risks are you prepared to take?
  • How can we avoid unnecessary risk taking?
  • How quickly do you want to be able to draw on liquid assets?
  • When should it be possible to transfer assets?
  • Are there any circumstances where you might need to borrow?

Portfolio analysis

Do your securities' asset allocations meet your return and risk requirements? Do you know the risks hidden in your portfolio? In addition to the price risk of equities and bonds, bulk risks, interest rate risk, issuer and creditworthiness risks must also be analysed. This is why we begin by examining your securities portfolio without any obligation to you. This process invariably reveals approaches that we believe are worthy of discussion.

Cross-bank asset overview of liquid investments

It is essential to take a consolidated view of your various investment portfolios. Otherwise you won't get an accurate view of your actual asset allocation and the risk structure of your securities assets. To avoid unnecessary and unwanted cluster risks, we can provide you with a cross-bank overview of your liquid assets if desired.

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