Integrated Wealth Management

There’s more to wealth than money.

Successful wealth management means more. It focuses on your wishes, your expectations, your family, your personal situation, and, if you are a business owner, your company too. As a result, we provide comprehensive, long-term asset management that takes into account all aspects of your personal wealth objectives. We aim to preserve and increase your assets well into the future. It's all about finding the best way to reach your goals.

Our consulting approach

Often, assets are not liquid. They may be invested in shares, real estate or endowment insurance, for example. This is why it's not unusual for investors to have only a small portion of their wealth available in cash and cash equivalents, such as securities. Our job is to consider your liquid and non-bankable assets as a whole. By doing so, we take into account all legal, tax, precautionary, property and inheritance issues. We focus on your personal investment experience and take great care to inform you about any potential risks.

Our investment office consolidates many years of expertise in the financial market. It is not subject to internal or external limitations regarding investment decisions or investment strategy development. It acts freely and exclusively in your interests. Depending on the market situation certain investments can even be temporarily removed from your portfolio to protect assets.

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Our asset mandates

Whatever your investment goals may be, we will help you achieve them.

When you entrust us with the management of your assets, we are fully aware of our responsibility. It is equally important and obvious that we consider your goals as our own. That is good partnershiping. Therefore, we will make every effort to accompany and advise you openly and fairly every step of the way to achieve your investment goals.

Wealth management

You may not have time to manage your assets yourself or to make individual investment decisions. No problem. Leave the active management of your assets to our portfolio experts. We systematically structure your assets according to your personal specifications. We use proven risk management techniques and take the greatest possible care. Based on our decades of experience and comprehensive market expertise, we are able to adjust your portfolio to current expectations on an on-going basis.

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Investment consulting services

Do you prefer to make your own investment decisions? Then we recommend our investment advisory mandate. It gives you access to a consulting service that proactively and continuously provides professional support designed to complement your individual investment profile. If you like, we can also provide trading impulses that take into account both longer-term investments and short-term market opportunities. Either way, you have the final word on every investment.

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