Special Services

We also provide special services in the areas of private equity, real estate and wealth management for business owners / M&A.

Private Equity – We will pinpoint the corporate investments with the most potential.

Because private equity and venture capital are important building blocks in corporate financing, we offer clients trustee solutions that provide access to them.

Private equity offers investors the opportunity to invest in the tangible assets of companies worldwide. In contrast to listed companies, these investments are often valued without the often large fluctuations that are part of normal stock exchange activities. Therefore, they can be a secure and long-term component of wealth diversification.

Private investors, however, are usually denied direct access. This is due both to high minimum investment requirements and to waiting lists that are a common aspect of the best private equity companies. For this reason, we offer our clients trusteeship solutions that provide access to selected private equity and venture capital companies with excellent long-term performance.

The aim is to create a portfolio of private equity and venture capital companies that is diversified according to the following criteria:

  • Financing phases
  • Industries
  • Regions
  • Investment duration

We provide interested investors with the opportunity to invest in a number of categories.

Real estate – build on our many years of expertise.

Do you want to invest in property? Then there are many questions to ask: Which object should it be? Do you want to invest your own capital? How secure should the return be? Do you want to take advantage of tax benefits? Or are you simply looking for a nice home for yourself and your family? Whatever your goals are, we can help you reach them. How? We work together with a property specialist who has extensive market expertise. This enables you to benefit from valuable contacts with property developers and receive the best advice - from pre-selection opportunities to intended-use planning.

Wealth management for entrepreneurs / M&A

As a business person, you need a competent, reliable partner at your side. We too are an owner operated and medium sized business. So we understand your needs. Use our network to access professional advice relating to both corporate issues (e.g. equity, external financing, alternative financing) and to succession issues (e.g. assistance with selling a business, negotiating a possible merger or with locating investment partners). We will also be happy to connect you with other business owners.

As part of our "M&A" service in collaboration with selected corporate finance boutiques, we can also offer the following personalized solutions for owner-operated, medium-sized companies:

  • M&A coaching, coverage and execution
  • Repayment of shareholder loans if required
  • Private placements
  • Structured financing
  • Assistance with succession planning